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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Political Repression Course

If you're attending Carleton University in the fall, this course may be of

04.392 - Topics in Interdisciplinary Inquiry: Political Repression

Canada is home-in-exile to many people who have faced severe and often 
life-threatening repression in their own countries. This course will examine
of repression, methods employed (political imprisonment, torture,
extrajudicial killing, pacification programs, surveillance of citizens,
suppression of
the rights of expression and association), impact on survivors, and various
strategies designed to overcome the legacies of repression. 

This half-credit course is scheduled for the fall term of 2001 on Mondays
and Wednesdays (2:30 - 4:00). Classes will emphasize discussion rather than 
lectures, and guest speakers and videos will be utilized to bring voices of
experience to the course.

This course also provides a good foundation for 04.441 - A Seminar in United
States Studies: The United States and Political Repression. This will be
in the winter term of 2002 on Tuesdays (4:00 - 5:30) and Thursdays (2:30 -

For more information please contact the course instructor, Bill Skidmore
August 21) in 2215 Dunton Tower, or bill_skidmore@carleton.ca, or 520-2600,
ext. 2359.
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