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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Art vs Imperialism in Ottawa

                         July 23 - August 6/01
                               CRIME SEEN
                  Art Against Corporate Globalisation

          A Group Show and Multi-media exhibit at Gallery 101
                      236 Nepean St., Ottawa, Ont.
  Reception:  Wednesday, July 25, 5pm (kids welcome, face painting) --
                          After 8 pm Bar and DJ

CRIME SEEN is a unique exhibit staged by  thirty-eight artists from
across Canada who have come together to protest corporate globalisation.  

The show will be open for two weeks from 
Monday July 23rd 'til Monday August 6th, noon until 5 pm.  

The artists in this show seek to expand the public debate on 
trade issues in Canada.  In CRIME SEEN, the public will see an engaging and
eclectic display of work ranging from video and sculpture to painting,
photographs and performance art.  Some of the artists in this show are well
known to Canadians while others are regionally known emerging artists.

                       Artists in CRIME SEEN are:
                              A.G. Smith,
                              Alex Hutton,
                          Alison Smith-Welsh,
                             Cafsie Janca,
                     Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge,
                            Chris Coultish,
                              Chris Osler,
                             Claude Dupuis,
                             Claude Latour,
                              D.H. Monet,
                              Derek James,
                              Derek McKee,
                             Elaine Briere,
                             Eryne Donahue,
                            Gene Villeneuve,
                           ilona naujokaitis,
                            Jane Beauchamp,
                            Jennifer Gibbs,
                              Josh Berson,
                              Josie Hazen,
                             Kevin Simpson,
                            Lincoln Clarkes,
                             Line Dezainde,
                            Luc Desjardins,
                              Murray Bush,
                             Neil Fletcher,
                             Nevine Sedki,
                          Paula Mitas Zoubek,
                             R.J. Cousins,
                            Robert Watkins,
                            Sandra Hawkins,
                             Telma Belotto,
                        TriPod Media Collective,
                           Troy Cochrane, and
                             Vanessa Arnold

     This art action/event is organized by Artists UNincorporated, 
  a group of Ottawa artists concerned about the effects of corporate
globalisation. We would like to thank the Arts Committee of the Ottawa 
Coalition to Stop the FTAA, and the Windsor Artists for Social Justice 
                          for their support.

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