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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Homeless Rally

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Rally: Demand Housing For All!
When:   16-Aug-01 (rally at noon - with bus leaving Toronto 8:30 a.m.)
Where:   Delta Armouries Hotel, 325 Dundas St E (at Waterloo St), London, ON
Contact:   Musonda
Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
tel: 416-599-8372


Details:   Federal, provincial, and territorial housing ministers are holding
their annual summit in London, Ontario, on August 15 and 16. The National
Housing and Homelessness Network is organizing a rally on August 16, in London,
to tell the Ministers that it's time to restore spending on desperately-needed
new housing.

The rally - Tell the Ministers that they should restore funding for housing
programs. Raise your voice for housing for all! Join a rally at the site of the
housing summit: Thursday, August 16, 12 noon - Delta Armouries Hotel 325 Dundas
St E (at Waterloo St), London, ON.

The bus - Need to get from Toronto to London? Sign up now to get on the free
Magic Bus! On August 16, the bus departs from All Saints Church
(Dundas/Sherbourne) at 8:30 a.m., returning the same day around 5 p.m. Free
lunch will be provided in London. Seats are going fast. So sign up right away,
by emailing Musonda at tdrc@web.ca or calling TDRC at 416-599-8372.

Can't go? - If you can't make it to this important event, please send Toronto
Disaster Relief Committee your messages to the Ministers. They will be sure to
put messages to the ministers on a symbolic shack to be built on the summit
grounds. Send your messages to tdrc@web.ca or call TDRC at 416-599-8372. Please
make them short (no more than 50 words), and indicate your city or organization.

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

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