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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Protest aginst Military rule in Burma

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From: kyawmoe2000@hotmail.com

Dear All,

There will be a demonstation against Burmese military government on
Augsut 8, 2001, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a. m. infront of Burmese
Embassy, 85 Range Road, Ottawa as a 13th anniversary of 8888 Democratic
Movement of Burma in which more than 5000 pro-democracy protesters were
shot dead on the street by Burmese Army. More than 1800 political
prisoners are still in the prisons and half of them are students
activists. 18 Burmese journalists are being servered long term
imprisonment for their practices of free expression againt military
dictatorship. Whoever would like to show the solidarity with the
oppressed Burmese people under the military rule for more than 36 years,
come and join us.

Support Burma Democratic Movement with your liberity!

Kyaw Moe,

Burma Media Association(BMA)

More information, contact:

Kyaw Moe,

Tel(613) 241-7026.

Toe Kyi,

(613) 729-2915.

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