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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Community Event: "Feast of Fields"

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> Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 16:29:09 -0400
> From: Richard & Terrena <richterr@home.com>
> Subject: Community Event: "Feast of Fields"
> Please forward this announcement to anyone that might be interested.
> Thank you!
> - Richard Bennett.

"Feast of Fields"

Sunday, September 9th
12PM to 4PM
Lakeside Gardens (Britannia Park), Ottawa
(613) 231-9047

Come and celebrate the harvest! Savour the culinary creations of
Ottawa-area chefs and organic farmers.

Feast-goers can enjoy fresh, delectable fruits and vegetables, wholesome
breads and grains, succulent meats, decadent desserts, organic wines,
juices, coffee and teas.

The Chefs represent restaurants such as: Baco, Cafe Henry Berger, Domus
Cafe, Fitzgerald's, Juniper, Sam Jake's Inn, Les Fougeres, Pippin's, The
Green Door, The Table, and The Vinagrette; as well as caterers such as:
Blackbird, Thyme and Again, and Two Cooks.

While sampling and savouring these flavours, visitors can explore the
marketplace, chat with exhibitors about organic foods and the
environment, enjoy some music, or bid at the silent auction.

Advance ticket sales only. $35/adult, $65/couple. Seniors $25. Teens
$20. Children under 12 free. Call (613) 231-9047. Fundraiser for
Canadian Organic Growers (Ottawa Chapter).

The Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Organic Growers association
(www.cog.ca) is hosting the Feast. COG is a national, non-profit,
non-partisan membership association which promotes the production and
consumption of organic food. COG sees the Feast of Fields as a way to
reach people's hearts and minds through their stomachs. Funds raised
through the Feast will support COG's activities.

The original Feast of Fields was held near Toronto in 1989 and has since
become an annual event there (for more details, see
www.organicadvocates.org). The first Ottawa-region Feast was held in
1996 at the Central Experimental Farm. 500 people attended the event on
a rainy day.

The second Ottawa-region Feast was held in 2000 at the Mill of Kintail
(near Almonte). About 150 feast-goers enjoyed the food, music, and the
beautiful location, but more would have come if the location were closer
to Ottawa. Therefore, this year's Feast is being held at the Lakeside
Gardens in Britannia Park.
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