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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Worker Co-op Loan Fund - Meetings in Ottawa and Kingston

Re: CWCF $1.5 Million Loan Fund meetings in Ottawa and Kingston

Hello friends,

There will be meetings to describe the CWCF Loan Fund to interested
in Kingston and Ottawa this month.
The meeting in Ottawa is now confirmed for Thurs Aug 16 from 1-4pm at
CCA National office at 275 Bank St. Suite 400. in their Board Room
We will be holding another session in  Kingston on Aug 20 1-4pm at at
Kingston Small Business Enterprise Centre at 67 Brock St. in their Board 

Peter Hough, the loan fund manager,  will give an overview of the fund,
to access it, describe the developers network and answer any questions 
people have about worker co-ops. As in the other meetings, our aim is to 
reach out to as many people interested in forming a co-op, co-ops
to expand, and business developers and agencies interested in working
co-ops.  Please pass this on to anyone in the Ottawa or Kingston area.

Could you please ask people to RSVP with me at owcfcame@web.ca or 
While the meetings are free, each meeting is limited to 25 participants.
Fund information can be accessed at www.workercoop.ca

Thanks for your help once again.
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