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[OPIRG-EVENTS] homelessness solidarity sleep-in fridays

From: Emily Wood <qittin@yahoo.ca>
Subject: homelessness solidarity sleep-in fridays

Here's what's up:

Starting tonight (Friday, August 17, 2001) every friday at the Human Rights
Monument (at Elgin and Lisgar, in Ottawa) a sleep-in, in solidarity with
homeless people will be held. We'll begin at around 9 pm and stay until the
next morning whenever people need to leave. All are welcome, and even if you
can only stay for a few hours, that's cool.

Bring lots of warm clothing (layers!) and blankets, a tarp and/or air
mattress/cot would help, and food and water for yourself/to share (a mat to
sleep on will help, since sometimes you won't be able to sleep on the grass
in case the sprinklers turn on...). 

Bring toys, chalk, games, musical instruments, etc., as we hope to be able to
play a bit through the night as well.

We started this last week, with four staying over, in Confederation Park, as
an action in solidarity with people in Toronto who have been doing this for
two years now (I don't know if they do it in the winter too...) and figured,
"why stop there?"  

Hope to see you there: ALL are welcome (including children and animals, but
remember we are right by a road so just keep an eye on them).


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