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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Meeting Tues Aug.28 re: No to NATO: Festival of NonViolence

      Please join us in helping to organize the 
   "No to NATO! Festival of Creative NonViolence" 

>>> We're having a MEETING to discuss this festival <<<

    Tuesday, August 28, 7:30 p.m.  
    91A Fourth Ave.
    (Meeting House, Ottawa Society of Friends - Quakers)
    (just east of Bank St., in the Glebe, Ottawa)

All are welcome to attend this meeting to discuss plans for the festival
and to join us in making it a great success!

Let's work together to make this a great success!  Your help is needed:

>> Attend our planning meeting on Aug. 28
>> Bring yourself and your creative talents to the festival!
>> Publicize the event as widely as possible! 
>> Contribute some financial support to COAT! 
>> Ask NGOs to endorse the festival! 
>> Arrange for buses to get people to Ottawa from out of town!
>> Participate in our list serve!

(The festival itself will be held on Sat. Oct. 6, 1 p.m. in Majors Hill
Park, Mackenzie Ave., Ottawa, opposite the US Embassy. It is being
organized to celebrate nonviolence to express opposition to NATO -- during
the NATO Parliamentary Assembly meetings in Ottawa.)

Please join us in encouraging as many individuals and organizations as
possible to join us at this festival.  We are looking for creative
energies, ideas, performances, poetry, music, dance, banners, signs, props,
puppets, theatrics and any nonviolent artistic presence that people can
possibly muster!  

(If you are not in Ottawa, then please meet locally to discuss bringing
buses, cars, trains, unicycles and your creative talents to our fair city!
If you are too far away from Ottawa to even think of attending or arranging
transportation, then you can always endorse it or contribute financially.

For more information about the festival, visit the archive of our list serve:

For instance, you'll find the following material there:
"Two purposes of the festival" <http://www.flora.org/coat/forum/216>
"Please endorse our festival" <http://www.flora.org/coat/forum/205>
"53 NGOs endorse the festival" <http://www.flora.org/coat/forum/217>
"Call to Dis Arms" <http://www.flora.org/coat/forum/174>   

For more information, 
For information on our meeting you can also call Jordan at (613) 729-3662
We do need volunteers.  If you'd like to help, but you can't attend our
meeting, please send a reply to this email. Thanks!

                          Richard Sanders
       Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
              A national peace network supported by 
           individuals and organizations across Canada
          541 McLeod St., Ottawa Ontario K1R 5R2  Canada
            Tel.:  613-231-3076      Fax: 613-231-2614
     Email: <ad207@ncf.ca>   Web site: <http://www.ncf.ca/coat>

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 Help build opposition to NATO PA meetings in Ottawa, Oct. 5-8, 2001!  
                  Join the "no_to_nato" list serve:  
 Send the message:  subscribe no_to_nato   to   <majordomo@flora.org>
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