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[OPIRG-EVENTS] tribal revival - aug.25 noon onwards, parliament hill

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> Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 04:12:36 -0700

Hello all,
In case you have an interest!
also this weekend on Sunday there is a Mid-Summer Feast in Kokomville =
(Park Laverendre PQ) a good chance to connect with natural energies, =
Lakes, Fish, Eagles, Nature and if you like the not so natural Clear =
cutting and monoculture Plantings. Camping is free Bring your favorite =
food for feast.
Also some people are looking for a ride Call me Derek 236-5750

Tribal Revival
August 25 - Parliament Hill
noon til late

Connecting political, social, environmental and
spiritual groups and people together in movement,
sound and celebration.

Be there by 1pm to take part in dances from religious
and spiritual traditions around the world lead by
Ottawa's 'Dances Of Universal Peace' group.

Following this, until 8pm, will be discussion on
organic eats and genetically modified foods, yoga,
community and spirit in tribes in South America,
activism and anarchy, and the sacred power of the drum
circle. Discussion will be mixed with yoga, drum
circles, dance, samba, the beautiful brazilian martial
arts capoera and music.

Then at 8pm a 10 body yoga set will be lead by Yogi
Akal, join in the Trance Yoga experience as we move
from yoga through ambient sitar, didjeridu, and
overtone singing into full on tribal drumming and
psychedelic trance dance.

Throughout the gathering there will be booths from
local groups involved in increasing political, social,
environmental and/or spiritual consciousness.

For more information go to www.onetribe.ca or e-mail
Calvin at kumanjayi@yahoo.com.

Any local groups that would like to set up a booth or
bring information to spread, please contact Calvin at
the above e-mail address. Come help build the
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