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[OPIRG-EVENTS] OCAT: Notice of 22/08/2001 Meeting and Agenda (fwd)

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FYI.  This agenda is not as daunting as it looks!  J.

Meeting Chair:  Melissa Gauthier
Meeting Recording Secretary:  Sean Darcy

* * *

N O T I C E   O F   M E E T I N G

Ottawa Coalition Against the Tories
Wednesday, August 22, 2001
McNabb Community Centre (Gladstone @ Percy)

Meetings of Committees and Working Groups

1.  Committees (6:00pm-7:00pm)
2.  Sectoral Working Groups (6:30pm-7:00pm)

General Meeting (7-9pm)

1.  Reading of Equality Statement
2.  Welcome and Introductions
3.  Report-back from Sectoral Working Groups
    a.  Housing group
    b.  Other groups
4.  Call-out for new Sectoral Working Groups
5.  Report-back from Committees
    a.  Rockcliffe action committee
    b.  Research committee
    c.  Outreach committee
    d.  Communications committee
    e.  Coordinating committee
6.  Nominations and Elections for Coordinating Committee*
7.  Other Business
    a.  September 5th Public Meeting with Sid Ryan and John Clarke
    a.  General meeting governance
    b.  OCAT bank account - co-signers needed
    c.  Meeting space
8.  Announcements
9.  Adjournment

* Unless otherwise amended from the floor, the coordinating committee will
be an eight-person committee.  The coordinating committee is responsible for
coordinating the work of the Coalition, both internal and external, on a
day-to-day basis.  The idea is that people who sit on the coordinating
committee commit to spending a certain amount of time seeing to the business
of OCAT, especially between meetings.  The coordinating committee is the
decision-making body of OCAT between meetings, although all decisions
wherever possible should be made at the general meeting.  Should there be
less than 20 people present, the GM should consider deferring the election

The proposed nominations and elections process is as follows:

a.  Reading of write-in nominations (write-ins can be sent to any person who
will be in attendance at the GM)
b.  Nominations from the floor
c.  If more than eight nominations, voting by secret ballot (with ballot
containing space for 8 write-in names)
d.  Election of temporary scrutineer (someone not on the ballot)
e.  Tallying of the ballot by chair and scrutineer
f.  Results reported to GM, from largest to smallest number of vote by

Individuals can nominate themselves, if they desire.

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