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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Abuse of implicit destinations

Laura McDonald wrote:
> To: Undisclosed.Recipients@freenet.carleton.ca

I'm sorry this is not an event but it is related to this mailling list.

Many people (not only Laura, i'm just using this as an example) have
been sending messages to OPIRG Events and FTAA Ottawa as implicit
destinations. I don't mind being on someone's list and being BCC'ed
messages. But i consider sending messages to mailling list as BCC or as
other implicit destination as an abuse of e-mail. It is also annoying
because my filters do not intercept the messsage and put it in the right
folder (i can't imagine the irritation of those who don't have filters).
It is also to the benefit of the person sending the message to put the
mailling list in the TO: field, as some e-mail services will interpret
this as spam and automaticly put it in the trash bin.

Future messages that has [OPIRG-EVENTS] as the subject line and not
opirg-events@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca or my address in the To: or Cc:
field will be automaticly transfered to the trash bin.

I apologize for taking this measure, but i'm doing this also for those
who don't have the luxury of knowing how to set up filters. The FTAA
Ottawa and OPIRG-EVENTS lists have a lot of traffic, and many people do
not appreciate receiving more e-mails then they can handle, especially
if they don't know on how to set up e-mail filters.

Should anyone need more technical explanations or wish to know how to
set up filters, please e-mail directly to me.



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