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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sept 26 Memorial in Rememberance of Affordable Housing in Ottawa

Note: A French version of this announcement will follow.

A Memorial in remembrance
of affordable housing in Ottawa

In response to the ever-deepening homeless crisis in this city, Action
planning a memorial service to honour all the homeless people who have
died in
the streets of Ottawa and all the people whose lives and families have
torn apart by lack of affordable and safe housing. We will also mourn
disappearance (temporary?) of our national and provincial social housing
construction programs.
Action Habitat is a network of service providers in Ottawa who are
people who are homeless or who are in danger of being homeless. We serve
and children fleeing violence, people in emergency shelters, and people
lives are being disrupted because they do not have enough money to pay
rent and eat too.
All organizations serving people who are having housing problems are 
invited to
attend the Memorial and to contribute stories, skits, poems, and visual
displays to the program. Some ideas are: to tell the true stories of the
people we serve (with their consent) or to invite them to tell their own
stories, to tell the story of what has happened to our social housing 
to dramatize the experiences of people facing eviction and homelessness
due to
inadequate social assistance levels and affordable housing.

If you have something to contribute to this Memorial please contact
Habitat by Wednesday September 12 at 4 PM. You can call Rose Mary Zak at
7913 ext. 406, Rosine Kaley at 562-3316 or Jane Beauchamp at 225-0533.
let us know what you are planning and the length of time it will take.
pass this invitation on to anyone you know who may have something to 

The Memorial
Wednesday September 26
11AM to 1PM
Human Rights Monument
corner of Lisgar and Elgin Streets.
Everyone is welcome.
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