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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Organizing unions workshop, Sept. 15, Industrial Workers of theWorld (fwd)

You are invited to participate:

Organizing Industrially, Organizing Everyone

Organizing Unions 
with the Industrial Workers of the World

9:30 - 4 pm, September 15, 2001
211 Bronson St., Bronson Centre

Register for this free workshop by calling 565-3394. 
Only 30 spots available. Presentations will be in

Special Guests:

Gina Giazzoni, Philadelphia IWW organizer of the ACORN
union drive
Jerry Kovacs, Canadian Association of University
Teachers (CAUT) labor lawyer

9 am: Registration

9:30 am: Workshop
Gina Giazzoni, speaks on the IWW organizing drive at a
non-profit workplace, the Association for Community
Organizations Now (ACORN)
Jerry Kovacs breaks down the steps of union drives in
Ontario labour law
Questions on labour law.

10:20 am: Coffee/tea break. Bring your own cups!

10:30 - 12:30 Organizing drive participatory workshop
John Hollingsworth, IWW Ottawa-Outaouais, facilitator.
Learn the basics about certifying your workplace,
forming an organizing committee, signing union cards,
documenting grievances, boss tricks, dealing with
harassment and intimidation, building solidarity.

12:30-1:30 Lunch break

1:30 - 2 Review morning session: suggestions,
questions and answers.

2-2:30: Discussion: Organizing industrially,
organizing everyone.
What does organizing with the IWW mean? The members

2:30 - 3:30 Organizing workplaces and industries in
Ottawa. Break-out groups by industry.

3:30 Wrap-up discussion.

7 pm: Potluck dinner at the IWW Ottawa-Outaouais
“union hall”, 49 Lorne Ave./crosses with Albert St.
near LeBreton Flats 565-3394.

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