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[OPIRG-EVENTS] OCAT and OCF Solidarity Night and Fundraiser

What: OCAT and OCF Solidarity Night and Fundraiser

OCAT (The Ontario Coalition Against the Tories) cordially invites you
to an open stage to raise awareness (and hopefully much needed funds)
and solidarity in the fight to defeat the Harris government.

Date: Friday, September 14th, 2001 at 8 pm

Location: Irene's Pub (885 Bank St.)

OCAT is a group of local activists across a range of sectors (including
trade unionists, students, the working and non-working poor, and
independent citizens) that have come together in support of the Ontario
Common Front's (OCF) province-wide economic disruption campaign. The
OCF is a coalition of 75 groups and activists committed to fighting the
Harris government's repressive policies and legislation through the
economic disruption campaign due to begin on October 16, 2001.  


Contacts and more info: Tel. (613) 244-0122 (John)
e-mail: struggle-starts@home.com 
or visit our web-site at http://members.home.net/struggle-starts


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