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[OPIRG-EVENTS] THIS SATURDAY - Organizing unions workshop, Sept. 15, IndustrialWorkers of the World

As the weekend approaches, consider signing up for this workshop. 

You don't have to weld steel to be an industrial worker. We all
work in industries - information, service, government, financial,
agricultural, etc.

Email or telephone to register 565-3394. Spots still available.

Organizing Industrially, Organizing Everyone

Organizing Unions 
with the Industrial Workers of the World

9:30 - 4 pm, September 15, 2001
211 Bronson St., Bronson Centre

Register for this free workshop by calling 565-3394. 
Only 30 spots available. Presentations will be in

Special Guests:

Gina Giazzoni, Philadelphia IWW organizer of the ACORN
union drive
Jerry Kovacs, labor lawyer

9 am: Registration

Workshop ends at 4 pm.

7 pm: Potluck dinner at the IWW Ottawa-Outaouais
“union hall”, 49 Lorne Ave./crosses with Albert St.
near LeBreton Flats 565-3394.

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