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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Daughters of Democracy

Daughters of Democracy :  Has Reservation of SeatsEmpowered Indian Women?'

 A public Seminar by Dr. Bidyut Mohanty
 Institute of Social Sciences (ISS), India

You are cordially invited to attend a seminar examining the empowerment
of women in India,through electoral reform. The seminar will be held in
A602 Loeb, Carleton University
2:30 pm
Tuesday, September 18, 2001. 

A video and light refreshments will accompany the talk.
The 73rd constitutional amendment that was passed in India in 1992 gave
formal constitutional recognition to local self-governance units at the
village and town level. Most significantly, it reserved 33 per cent of
seats at the local governance level for women. Today, an estimated two
million women hold office at the local governance level.
Another one million will enter formal politics this year.

Dr. Mohanty will speak about the impact of this legislation on women’s
empowerment in India, the challenges encountered and the role of Indian
civil society in strengthening the decentralization, and redistribution
of power, unleashed by the 73rd amendment.

Dr. Mohanty is a development economist who has been working in the area
of women's studies for last 20 years. She heads the Women’s Studies
Centre at the ISS.

The seminar is sponsored by the Carleton University Committee on Asian
Studies, in cooperation with South Asia Partnership Canada and

For more information contact Dr. Elliot Tepper, 520-2600 x 2799.
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