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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Presentation on Small-scale Schools in the Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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USC Canada, SAP Canada and CIDA NGO Division invite you to a presentation

"ARBAN and Small-scale Schools in the Slums of Dhaka"

By  Mr. Muhammed Kamaluddin, of ARBAN, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Day: Wednesday, September 19th, 2001
Time: 12 noon to 2 pm
Venue: 1 Nicolas Street, Ottawa, Room 202

In the huge, sprawling slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 90% of the children will
have no chance to escape from dangerous living conditions and an uncertain

In 1984, Mr. Kamaluddin formed the Association for Realisation of Basic
Needs (ARBAN) to help provide an alternative for these children.  ARBAN's
simple schools allow some of the children in the slums of Dhaka to get a
solid primary education. Teachers hold classes for three hours a day, six
days a week, with minimal supplies in spaces donated by local businesses.
At present 4,400 slum children and adolescents are attending 84 ARBAN
schools in different slums.  Without these schools, the children would
follow the same path as their parents, working in dangerous, exploitative
conditions with no chance of escape. With an education, some students will
find employment in offices and businesses, not as garbage pickers, rickshaw
drivers, servants or prostitutes.

ARBAN has been a partner of USC Canada in its CIDA NGO Program since 1994.

Mr. Kamaluddin has been a community development activist in Bangladesh for
more than 20 years.  Born in Bangladesh, he studied sociology and received
his B.A. and M.A. at Dhaka University.  The experiences and insights he
gained while working with the rural poor and relentless struggle of landless
migrants streaming into urban areas, led him to found ARBAN in 1984. He
continues to lead ARBAN as Coordinator and Chief Executive.

For more information:

Kate Green, USC Canada, Phone: (613) 234 6827
Faruq Faisel, SAP Canada, Phone: (613) 241 1333, extension 226

Faruq Faisel
Canadian Program Manager
South Asia Partnership (SAP) Canada
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 200
Ottawa Ontario K1N 7B7

Phone: (613) 241 1333, extension 226
Fax: (613) 241 1129
URL: www.sapcanada.org

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