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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Common Front Call to Action for October 16

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The Ontario Common Front is calling on activists to join us in Toronto on
October 16, 2001 for the kick-off of a campaign of economic disruption
designed to effectively challenge the Tory government.

The Tory government's attacks on the people of Ontario have been
relentless from cuts to social assistance, to the establishment of a 60
hour work week, to the Walkerton crisis, to the murders of Dudley George
and Kimberley Rogers. This government has to be stopped.

The Ontario Common Front is a coalition of activists and organizations who
are determined to fight this government. We are planning a campaign of
economic disruption, which will target the pocketbooks of the real
beneficiaries of the Tory agenda - the business community! To the Tories
and their wealthy corporate supporters: it is no longer business as usual.

The Campaign starts on October 16 in Toronto when we will disrupt the
financial district. We will gather at Nathan Phillip's Square at 5 a.m.
for breakfast and depart at 6 a.m. on Snake Marches through the financial
district. (Only with this early start, will we be able to have a powerful
impact on the financial district, the heart of Mike Harris's Ontario.)
Making our way through the district, the primary task of the marches will
be to stop traffic (vehicular or pedestrian). Additionally, throughout the
district groups are encouraged to split off from the Snake Marches to
focus their attention on blockading key intersections along Bay and York
streets or on any number of corporations benefitting from the Harris
agenda of cutbacks, privatization and deregulation. However, we are
calling on all activists to begin in the Snake Marches.

Organizations, individuals or affinity groups who would like to sign
onto the Campaign and find out more about October 16, such as how
they can fit into the action, are encouraged to contact OCAP at

Ottawa contact for info and O16 transportation:
Ottawa Coalition Against the Tories (OCAT)
email: struggle-starts@home.com
ph. 244-0122
website: http://members.home.net/struggle-starts/

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