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[OPIRG-EVENTS] homelessness and students (fwd)

Contacte: Sarah sfuoacad@uottawa.ca 613.562.5966  FÉUO/SFUO

Crise de logement
Housing crisis 


Today to Wednesday
17 - 19 . 09 . 2001
Aujourd'hui à Vendredi

Human Rights Monument 
Monument du Droit de la Personne

Bring tents (no pegs), tarps, blankets, sleeping bag.
Apporter des tentes (sans pigues), toiles, sac de couchage, couvertes.

Bouffe gratuit!
Free Food!

Contacte: Sarah sfuoacad@uottawa.ca 613.562.5966  FÉUO/SFUO

As heard on:
> Tune in to Click here Wednesday at 5 pm, on CHUO-FM89, for an interview
> with Sara Duff of the Students' Federation of the University of Ottawa on
> their upcoming sleep-in at the Human Rights Monument to protest
> homelessless.
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