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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FW: Fair Trade Investment Meeting

Subject: Fair Trade Investment Meeting
Wenesday, Sept 19 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
At WUSC, 1404 Scott Street (Pinhey entrace)

Dear Friends and Fair Trade supporters,

La Siembra co-operative, a local Fair Trade Cocoa co-op, is seeking
support from individuals with an interest in Fair Trade issues and
ethical investment and would like to invite you to a timely information/
investment meeting on Wednesday evening, September 19th.

Over the past two years, La Siembra has successfully introduced North
America's only Fair Trade cocoa product line under the name of Cocoa
Camino. La Siembra is now seeking outside financing and private
investors to expand its operations and to develop new and sustainable
partnerships with southern co-operative producers. This expansion,
detailed in our five year business
plan and scheduled for implementation in November 2001, can only be
implemented with your help.

Wednesday's meeting will provide participants with an opportunity to
learn more about:

      *La Siembra Cooperative and its Business Plan for organic and Fair
Trade cocoa, chocolate and sugar products; and
      *how to support La Siembra through ethical investments.

The meeting will be hosted by Cooperative members Jeff de Jong, Kevin
Thomson, and Vadim Belotserkovsky and will consist of a short
presentation and an informal question and answer period, spiced with
samples of our famous hot chocolate. We will also be offering samples of
our prototype Fair Trade chocolate bar - a new product which features
strongly in our business plan. Come taste and learn about how you can
play a role in launching North America's first certified Fair Trade
Organic chocolate bar!

Our invitation to this one-of-a-kind investment meeting is an open one.
We would like it to be "no- strings attached" in nature, as we
understand that people will come with various levels of investment
interest, knowledge of the organic and Fair Trade markets and
understanding of who La Siembra is and where we are going. We hope to
generate interest among Fair Trade supporters in our
community by providing an ethical investment opportunity that supports a
local Co-operative as well as promote a positive trade model that
assists southern producers in improving their quality of life.

The meeting will take place at the office of World University Service of
Canada at 1404 Scott Street, Wednesday, September 19th from 7:00 to 8:30
pm. Please feel free to invite anyone that might have an interest in
learning more and/ or investing in a local ethically oriented business.

If you would like more information about this meeting please feel free
to contact either Kevin or Jeff at info@lasiembra.com
<mailto:info@lasiembra.com>  or 
(613) 235-6122. For more information regarding our co-operative please
visit our website at www.lasiembra.com <http://www.lasiembra.com> .

Thanks in advance for your interest. We look forward to seeing you at

Kevin, Jeff and Vadim

Kevin Thomson, Jeff De Jong, Vadim Belotserkovsky
La Siembra Co-op
www.lasiembra.com <http://www.lasiembra.com> 
Tel: (613) 235-6122
Fax:(613) 235-6877
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