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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Free skool (readable format)

I offer the previous message, edited in a sliglty more readable format.

Sept. 22nd and 23rd  10am-6pm daily
at the Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Elgin street
The Freeskool is a weekend of free DIY workshops, open to everyone about
the how-to not the why-to of activism. Come exchange skills while at the
same time building community and having fun. Lunch will be provided by
Food Not Bombs, donations of vegan foodto help feed everyone are more
that welcome. Free Store one person's trash is another's treasure drop
off unwanted clothes, music, household items and other stuff and pick up
some new goodies while you're at it.

          Saturday 22nd         Sunday 23rd
10:00 -Juggling             -Acrobatics
11:00 -Urban Gardening      -Breakdancing
12:00 LUNCH                 LUNCH
1:00  -Street Medics        -Tarot Cards/Police
2:00  -Capoeira             -Bike Repair
3:00  -Indy Media           -Silk Screening
4:00  -Pussy Protectors     -Unioninzing yer Workplace
5:00  -Radical Cheerleaders -Lock Picking
There will be a Critical Mass at the end of Sunday's workshops at 6pm.
Bring your wheels!
Hope to see everyone there.
The Freeskool is brought to you by your friendly neibourhood anarchists.
For more info email or call Adam #771-0925, adamhodgins@hotmail.com
"We know that the solution to terrorism isn't more repression and 
police state measures, but really solving the social problems that make
terrorism seem like a recourse."
- Justin
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