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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Support our Muslim neighbours on September 25th

Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 23:21:59 -0400
From: Dale Woloshin <dalewoloshin@yahoo.com>
Subject: Support our Muslim neighbours on September 25th!

Attention Ottawa!

One week from tonight a group of concerned citizens is
gathering at the local Mosque to show our support for the
Muslim community in these troubled times.

We are encouraging people come and bring flowers or
home baked goods.  Or just come as you are and show
our Muslim neighbours that they are just as welcomed in
our community as people of all other faiths and religions.
Show our friends and neighbours that we WILL NOT
TOLERATE the acts of hatred and bigotry that we are
seeing in the news!

Hatred and bigotry brought down the World Trade Center
in New York, and the people committing the horrible acts
of violence against our Muslim friends and neighbours are
no better than the monsters who committed the acts of
terror in New York.

We will meet on, Tuesday, September 25th at 7pm.
This is timed with the evening prayer service at the Mosque,
and will give us an opportunity to observe and learn about
one of the many cultures which make up our Canadian
Mosaic.  After observing the prayer service there will be a
"meet and greet" which will allow us to meet our neighbours.
Bring your children and tell them to bring lots of questions about
the Muslim faith.  Education is the most effective weapon.
I have already made arrangements with Dr Manna
at the Mosque.

The Mosque is located at :

251 Northwestern Ave at Scott St.

Very close to Tunney's Pasture transitway.  Get out
at Tunney's and head west and you will see the
mosque with the tall, round, peaked minaret beside
it.  It is only a short 2 or 3 minute walk.

Note : If you are baking goods, please be very careful to
not use any pork products, pork lard or alcohol as these are
strictly forbidden for Muslims.  Please do not bring purchased
goods unless you can be 100% certain there is no pork
by-products, pork lard or alcohol.  Use vegetable shortening,
or when in doubt, just come as you are and add your
voice of support!

Spread the word!  Mail this message to all your friends!

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