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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sept 26th Affordable Housing / Homelessness Memorial


WHERE?  Human Rights Monument
corner of Lisgar and Elgin Streets

WHO?    Everyone who would like to show solidarity with people who are 
suffering because of the housing crisis in Ottawa.  Everyone who would
to do something proactive about it.

WHEN?   Wednesday September 26, 2001
11 AM  to 1 PM

HOW?    Bring your umbrella and write on it something that you would
like to say about homelessness.  We will open the umbrellas at a
symbolic moment in the ceremony.

WHY?    In response to the crisis in housing, ACTION HABITAT (a network
of service providers in Ottawa) is organizing this memorial in honour
      All the people who have died homeless
      All the people whose lives have been dramatically affected by the
lack of safe and affordable housing in Ottawa

For information please call : Jane Beauchamp 225-0533, Rosine Kaley
562-3316 #24 or Rosemary Zak 241-7913 #406.
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