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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Carnaval Brasileiro!

Hope nobody minds my posting this.  It's for one of the groups I'm with.



Samba Ottawa announces its Carnaval Brasileiro!

At the Civitan Club, Almonte, on Saturday 13th October - from 6:30 'till

For $25 (10% donated to the Snowsuit Fund), join our Carnaval!  Dine on
authentic Brazilian Feijoada*;  see Capoeira in action; dance to live
Samba and Bossa Nova and to DJ Alex's Brazilian party music.

See more details at: http://www.samba-ottawa.org, or phone (613)
256-2223 or (613) 599-2747.

The Civitan Club is at 500 Almonte St.

* Feijoada is the Brazilian national dish - made mainly with black
beans, cured beef, sausage, and other meats (we will also have a
vegetarian version). There are many, many recipes, find one at:

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