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[OPIRG-EVENTS] !! CHANGE location !! Sun.Sept.23, 2 pm - Peace Vigil, Parliament Hill

   !!  NEW LOCATION !!  Please pass the word !!

Sunday, Sept. 23 - 2 pm
the Prime Minister's Residence (new location)
24 Sussex Dr.

        * * Please distribute widely * *

Global Democracy Ottawa  (formerly:the Ottawa Coalition to Stop the 
FTAA) urges all Citizens:

    1) to join together in shared grief and sympathy for the victims of the
terrorist attacks in New York and Washington Sept. 11th.

    2) to urge the Canadian government to insist on the pursuit and
prosecution of global terrorim through lawful means only - because recourse
to "war" only compounds the voilence.

    While  3) also drawing world attention to the larger context of global
inequalities  and injustice that make recourse to terrorism irresistably
attractive to desperate people.

People or groups are invited to bring signs or banners that represent their
concerns and their identity.

Information updates:   237-0730

This is the first in a series of events being planned.  Come to this one to
make contacts, suggest further activites, join the discussions.

From the organizing meeting:  "There is a feeling that the mainstream 
message going out from the PM and the corporate press was WAR WAR WAR 
and that we needed to counter this insanity. It was also voiced that 
many people on the left have been stunned into silence by the nature 
of this tragedy, and are only now speaking up against the war 
rhetoric coming out of Washington. We hope this changes soon!"

p.s.  I am just the messenger - anyone wishing to discuss the issues or the
organizing of the event should contact Brian Edgecombe <briane@dojo.tao.ca>
or Pam Fitzgerald <pamfitz@cyberus.ca> NEXT WEEK.  They're busy right now <G>
    Thanks -  Katherine

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