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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Carleton U Green Party Club

The Carleton U Green Party Club will be setting up info and sign up
tables at the club and society days at Carleton.

We will be in Bakers Lounge (5th floor Unicenter) on Monday September 24
9am-5pm and at the Southam/Loeb tunnel entrance on Wednesday September
26th 10am-5pm.

We are looking students to become members of the club who are interested
in learning more about, and raising awareness about the "Ten Key Values
of the Green Party", which are;  Social Justice, Feminism, Personal and
Global Responsibility, Community Based Economics, Grassroots Democracy,
Non-Violence, Decentralization, Future Focus and Sustainability, Respect
for Diversity and Ecological Wisdom. 

Ideas for this year include; organizing speakers on issue specific
campaigns (such as electoral reform), getting involved in and organizing
direct actions on campus, taking part in the upcoming demonstrations
against NATO this October in Ottawa, and any other ideas you might have! 

For more information or to get involved contact,
Matt Takach

For more information about the Green Party and policy visit,
http://www.green.ca/    or
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