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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Feed the World Week (Oct 15-21)

Feed the World Week (Oct 15-21)

What is Feed the World Week?
1. Feed the World Week is based on a simple principle: For one week, the
world should experience a wholesome, nonviolent, karma-free diet, and
thus pave the way for a peaceful and hunger-free world.
2. Feed the World Week is an open community event for raising awareness
of the world's chronic hunger problem.
3. Feed the World Week is a call for action: for the world to move away
from the meat-based diet that robs the earth of vital resources and
leaves billions homeless and hungry.

Your local Hare Krishna center is proud to be part of this annual event.
 We will be serving FREE VEGAN MEALS daily at:

212 Somerset St. East, Ottawa
Near Ottawa U., Just East Of King Edward Ave.

Daily 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM & 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

(If you would like to volunteer your time, donate raw ingredients or
help financially, please contact FFL coordinator Shankar Das at (613)
565-6544 or get more information on Food for Life Global at http://www.ffl.org)

We invite all our neighbours, friends and the community at large to join
us in observing this event as we try to help make the world a better
place.  We look forward to seeing and serving you.


[For more info please contact Shankar Das at (613) 565-6544]

"We know that the solution to terrorism isn't more repression and 
police state measures, but really solving the social problems that make
terrorism seem like a recourse."
- Justin
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