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[OPIRG-EVENTS] A funding and supply drive for the Shan!!

Remember  the  successful  Pepsi  Boycott  of  1997?

While  Pepsi  may  be  out  of  Burma...

Slave  Labour  Isn't
Ethnic  Cleansing  Isn't
Terror  from a  Brutal  Military  Regime 
Is  not !!

The Shan Women's Action Network - SWAN, was set up on March 28, 1999 by
Shan Women living in Thailand along the Thai/Burma border. A Shan woman,
representing SWAN, visited Carleton University this summer and spoke of
the hope they had for women and their children fleeing the oppression in

SWAN engages in training programs for women as well as basic education
for children. They hope to build a daycare this year and have asked for
our help!

Please support their struggle with donations of women's clothing/shoes
and children's toys, books, shoes, clothing, craft and school supplies.

A TWOONIE drive is also being carried out to raise funds for the
proposed daycare.

Kick off a week of fundraising and supply drive on...
Friday, September 28th, 2001, 10am to 3pm
Baker Lounge, Carleton University

Supplies can be dropped off at the following offices in the first week
of October...  
OPIRG (326 UC)
CUPE 4600 (511 UC)
CUSA (401 UC)
GSA (6th floor UC)
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