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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fwd: LAST MINUTE REMINDER: OCAT Rockcliffe Park 'Education Tour' TODAY Noon to 2:00pm

 --- John Hollingsworth <john.hollingsworth@sympatico.ca> wrote: >
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 09:22:09 -0400
> From: John Hollingsworth <john.hollingsworth@sympatico.ca>
> Subject: LAST MINUTE REMINDER:  OCAT Rockcliffe Park 'Education Tour'
> TODAY Noon 
>  to 2:00pm
> Hi -- this is a last minute reminder about OCAT's 'educational tour'
> of
> Rockcliffe happening at noon TODAY.  John
> * * *
> Guided Tour of Rockcliffe offers Unique Educational View of Who
> Benefits
> from Tory Power in Ontario.
> Ottawa Coalition Against the Tories (OCAT) anticpates Province-wide
> campaign of Economic Distruption with guided "Educational Tour" of
> Ottawa's Wealthiest Neighborhood.
> OTTAWA, September 26, 2001 - The Ottawa Coalition Against the Tories
> invites
> the homeless, the working and non-working poor, activists, students,
> tourists and any interested persons to join in on a guided tour of
> the
> Rockcliffe neighborhood in Ottawa on Saturday, September 29, 2001.
> Starting in Rockcliffe at 12:00 noon from the public park at the
> intersection of Lisgar Road and Buena Vista Road, the tour will wind
> its
> way through some of Ottawa's most affluent to learn who is benefiting
> from the provincial government's economic and social agenda, and how.
> The Rockcliffe area is home to such economic and corporate
> powerhouses
> as
> Michael Cowpland and the neighborhood is a veritable "who's who" in
> Canada's
> private and public service elite.  Organizers say that there are
> specific tour destinations that will serve as the backdrop for a
> series
> of presentations on topics such as: Housing, Growing Poverty,
> Taxation
> Policies, Health Care, Cuts in Social Programs, and others.
> A colourful poster advertising the Rockcliffe tour says: "The tour
> will
> be a peaceful, fun-filled event that will not involve confrontation
> with
> people or damage to property.  It is being held in preparation for
> the
> October 16th launch of the Campaign of Economic Distruption called
> for
> by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty".
> For those traveling by Public Transportation, take the Eastbound #4
> bus
> along St. Patrick, stay on to Springfield Road and exit at the first
> stop on Maple Lane.  Walk westward along Maple Lane to Lisgar Road,
> following North with the Public Park on your left until you reach
> Buena
> Vista Road.  The gathering point is at the Park at Lisgar and Buena
> Vista.
> For Bus Tickets and information, please call 613.913.0275.

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