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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Saturdya, Oct. 13th - Day of Workshops and OCAT Benefit

Attention - Please distribute widely:

The Ottawa Coalition Against the Tories (OCAT) is holding a day of
DIRECT ACTION WORKSHOPS from 9-6 pm, on Satuday October 13th at
Carleton Univeristy, Room 100 in the St. Patrick's Building.  This
event will be followed by an OCAT benefit (to raise money for OCAT and
transport to Toronto on October 16th) at 'The Underground (1077 Bank

OCAT is organizing these workshops in support of the Ontario Coaltion
Against Poverty (OCAP) and the Ontario Common Front's (OCF) call to
disruption campaign aginst the Tory government, due to begin on October
16th in Toronto.

For more information and registration, contact: 564-0401 or
jetsumgerl@yahoo.co.uk.  For transport to Toronto on October 16th
contact 244-0122.

The worskhops will include:
9:00-10:00 - Video Screening of 'OCAP Strikes Back'

10:00-12:00 - Direct Action Workshop (facilitated by OCAP and OCAT)

12:00-1:00 - Lunch, (provided by Food not Bombs)

1:00-4:00 - Simultaneous Workshops
+ Medical Training (facilitated by the Montreal Street Medics)
+ Legal Training (facilitated by OCAP and others)

4:00-6:00 - Personal Security Workshop (facilitated by Montreal's COBP,
Collectif Oppose Brutalite du Police)

OCAT BENEFIT, Saturday, October 13th at 8pm in the Underground

The day of workshops will be followed by an energizing and fun filled
benefit in the Underground (1077 Bank St., at Sunnyside).
Performers include: Marlow Turansky (violin), Kavan Smith (vivacious
voice and geetar), Dave Ward (super stylin' geetar tunes) and 'The New
Potatoes (Irish Instrumental Band).

Others TBA

Come one, come all, come out and get involved!

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