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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Oct.3rd Event--Gregory Baum on Human Rights and Spirituality

Hart Jansson ,
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa
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ANNOUNCEMENT  October 3rd, 2001

Dr. Gregory Baum address: ‘Human Rights and Spirituality’

Dr. Gregory Baum, renowned theologian and author, editor of “The
Ecumenist” and Professor Emeritus at McGill University, will be speaking
in Ottawa on Sunday October 14th. He will be addressing the Unitarian
Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa at 10:30 AM, at Colonel By Secondary
School , 2381 Ogilvie Road. All are welcome!  Dr. Baum will speak on the
topic, "Human Rights and Spirituality". Dr. Baum has written several
books, most recently “Nationalism, Ethics and Religion”.  He writes: “It
has become important to distinguish between spiritualities of withdrawal
and spiritualities of engagement. A movement in the world religions,
including Christianity, is presently generating spiritualities that
sustain concern for human rights and economic justice.” Dr. Baum’s
background is in Catholic theology and the sociology of religion.

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