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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Tues.Oct.16 - Book Launch - Nation to Nation: Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Future of Canada

Celebrate the publication of a timely new book, 
 "Nation to Nation: Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Future of Canada"

Oct.16 from 5-7:30 p.m., 
National Press Club, 165 Sparks St.

Please RSVP, 1-800-667-8046 or email <pjrc@cpj.ca>

  This book points the way to a positive future for the Aboriginal-Canadian

  It is published by the Public Justice Resource Centre, partner of Citizens
for Public Justice, with Irwin Publishing. Editors are John Bird, Lorraine
Land and Murray MacAdam. Land is a leading native rights activist, Bird and
MacAdam veteran journalists.

  Nation to Nation's 28 articles provide an excellent overview of
Aboriginal issues and how to promote healing among First Nations and
non-native people. Half of the writers are Aboriginal, including Lubicon
Chief Bernard Ominayak, Rod Robinson, Georges Erasmus and Olive Dickason. A
powerful section on solidarity efforts includes a chapter by Friends of the
Lubicon activist Kevin Thomas.

 The book is available from the 
Public Justice Resource Centre, 
229 College St., #311, Toronto M5T 1R4 
for $26.95 postage-paid, $21.50 each for ten copies or more.

Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity   <OLS@WEB.CA>

Sixty Years is too long  -  Press the Federal and Alberta
Governments for a just solution to Lubicon land claims.

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