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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Speakers Bios: Vigil for Nonviolence, Sat. Oct 6

The Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) 
has organized the following event:


1 p.m.   Parliament Hill
2 p.m.   First United Church
	(397 Kent St., at Florence St.) 
	Speakers, Music, Discussion groups & workshops.

Here are a few biographical details on the co-chairs, speakers and
musicians who will make presentations at the church beginning at 2 pm. Oct. 6.


· Marion Dewar, former Mayor of Ottawa; former President of the NDP; former
NDP MP for Hamilton Mountain; Chair of Oxfam Canada. She is a long-time
supporter, activist with the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade since it's
inception and is a mentor of COAT.

· Jean-Claude Parrot, executive Vice President of the Canadian Labour
Congress. He was re-elected for his third three-year term to the Governing
Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO). He is vice-president
of one of the most important tripartite committees of the ILO, the
Committee on Legal Issues and International Labour Standards.  He was the
National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers for 15 years.
He is also a long-time supporter and mentor of the Coalition to Oppose the
Arms Trade.

On the Speaker Phone:
(the following two speakers will address the crowd though a phone hooked up
to our sound system)

· Dr. Helen Caldicott, is now running for the Senate in Australia.  Many
are familiar with her from the classic NFB film that was banned in the
United States, called "If You Love this Planet.  She will speak to the
crowd by phone from Sydney, Australia.

· Arun Gandhi, cofounder and director of the MKGandhi Institute of
Nonviolence.  Through that institute, Arun is carrying on the tradition of
nonviolence that was taught to the world by his grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi. 

Speakers at First United Church:

· Richard Sanders, is the founder and coordinator of the Coalition to
Oppose the Arms Trade.  He is the editor of COAT's quarterly magazine,
Press for Conversion!  He has worked as a full-time peace movement
organizer since 1984 and is a researcher and writer.  He produced a
fortnightly radio program called Voice for Peace on CKCU FM for 13 years.  

· Carolyn Langdon, is the co-chair of the Canadian Voice of Women for
Peace, a feminist peace organization that formed in the early 1960s.
Carolyn is also the Executive Coordinator of another cross-Canada peace
organization, namely, Science for Peace.  

· Laurel Smith, is an organizer with Homes Not Bombs, an Ontario-wide
network that among other things, organizes nonviolent civil disobedience
actions.  Laurel is also the Artistic Producer and Director of Burning
Passions Theatre in Toronto.  

· Mel Watkins, is a political economist.  Many know him as a founder of the
Waffle which was a radical movement within the NDP back in the late 1960s
and 70s.  He is currently the President of Science for Peace and is
professor emeritus of economics at the University of Toronto.

· Theresa Wolfwood is a Board Member of the Vancouver Island Public
Interest Research Group and is involved in numerous social justice, peace
and feminist activities.  Thanks to grass roots activists like Theresa from
Victoria, BC, the NATO PA meetings were kicked out of that city and moved
to Ottawa.  

· Lazar Puhalo, is the Archbishop of the Canadian Orthodox Archdiocese of
the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  He is a social philosopher, an ardent
Canadian nationalist and editor of the Red Tory Journal.  He has authored
42 books, the latest of which is on Orthodox Christian Existentialism.

· Michel Chossudovsky, is a Professor of Economics at the University of
Ottawa.  He is the author of The Globalization of Poverty: Impact of IMF
and World Bank Reforms.  He has written extensively on the War in
Yugoslavia.  His forthcoming book is entitled War and Globalisation, the
Balkans and Beyond.  He will lead one of our discussion groups on the
theme: "America at War."

· Moraima Rivera is a native actvist from the coffee mountains of Puerto
Rico, business woman, former journalist and a small organic farmer.  She
works with the groups that oppose the US and NATO bombardment of Vieques,
an island off Puerto Rico. She works with the Hostosiano Congress, the
Comittee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, Mayaguezanos for Peace
and the Enviroment, Every Puerto Rican with Vieques, Vieques Paz and the
Hostosiano camp in the restricted area on Vieques.  Moraima travels
regularly to Europe and is co-founder of Vrede voor Vieques Committee in
the Netherlands

· Radmila Swann, is a retired federal public servant.  She is a founding
member and current President of the Ottawa Serbian Heritage Society.  As a
member of Ottawa's Serbian community, Radmila has been an active and
outspoken proponent of peace. 

· Jen Anthony, is co-chair of the Canadian Federation of Students. The CFS
is a federation of over 60 college and university student unions across
Canada, it has a combined membership of more than 400,000 students.  

· Rev. Fred Cappuccino, is a Unitarian Minister, and the Coalition to
Oppose the Arms Trade mentor who has been active in the peace movement for
several decades.  He is well-known as a co-founder of Child Haven
International, a Canadian NGO with four orphanages in India and Nepal.


· Ian Tamblyn, is a musician, songwriter, playwright, music producer and
environmentalist. He has 18 albums of original music and has created
soundtracks for 50 plays and films.  

· Carolyn Briggs and Terry Tufts, are highly respected local folk musicians
who are well known across Canada for their live performances and recordings
as well as for their dedication to peace and human rights issues. 


Why we will walk in silence this Saturday, October 6

The following is the text of a flier which we will distribute on Saturday
October 6 to participants in our walk from: 
* Parliament Hill (1 pm.) to 
* First United Church (2 pm.):

                   ... SILENCE ...
            No more               Non à la

We walk in silence, to express our respect and solidarity for all those
whose lives have been silenced by terrorism, war, repression and poverty.  

We remember that millions of innocents have died in war, during the past
fifty years alone. Millions more have died for lack of food, water, health
care and housing.
Our message of peace and justice is also silenced by cries for revenge and
the propaganda of war in the daily news.  

After the silence of this walk, we shall work together to strengthen our
collective voice for peace.  We shall be heard.


Nous marchons en silence pour exprimer notre respect et solidarité envers
tous ceux dont la vie a été coupée court par le terrorisme, la guerre, la
répression et la pauvreté.
	Nous nous souvenons que des millions d'innocents sont morts dans une
guerre lors des cinquantes dernières années. Plusieurs millions d'autres
personnes sont mortes par manque de nourriture, d'eau, de services médicaux
ou d'abris.
	Notre message de paix et de justice a aussi été étouffé jour après jour
par les cris de vengeance et la propagande militaire dans les medias.
	Après le silence de cette marche, nous travaillerons ensemble à consolider
notre voix collective envers la paix. Nous nous ferons entendre.

                          Richard Sanders
       Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
 A network of individuals and NGOs across Canada and around the world
          541 McLeod St., Ottawa Ontario K1R 5R2  Canada
            Tel.:  613-231-3076      Fax: 613-231-2614
     Email: <ad207@ncf.ca>   Web site: <http://www.ncf.ca/coat>

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