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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Are you a terrorist??

according to the FBI, u might b...


> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Malcolm Rogge
> Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 9:26 PM
> Subject: FW: Are you a terrorist?
>   Check out this document with the FBI's definitions of domestic
>   "terrorist groups".
>   http://www.fbi.gov/congress/congress01/freeh051001.htm
>   "The FBI views domestic terrorism as the unlawful use, or threatened
use, of violence by a group or individual that is based and operating
entirely within the United States or its territories without foreign
direction and which is committed against persons or property with the intent
of intimidating or coercing a government or its population in furtherance of
political or social objectives."
>   "The second category of domestic terrorists, left-wing groups, generally
profess a revolutionary socialist doctrine and view themselves as protectors
of the people against the "dehumanizing effects" of capitalism and
imperialism. They aim to bring about change in the United States through
revolution rather than through the established political process."
>   "Anarchists and extremist socialist groups -- many of which, such as the
Workers'World Party, Reclaim the Streets, and Carnival Against Capitalism --
have an international presence and, at times, also represent a potential
threat in the United States. For example, anarchists, operating individually
and in groups, caused much of the damage during the 1999 World Trade
Organization ministerial meeting in Seattle."
>   "Special interest terrorism differs from traditional right-wing and
left-wing terrorism in that extremist special interest groups seek to
resolve specific issues, rather than effect more widespread political
change. Special interest extremists continue to conduct acts of politically
motivated violence to force segments of society, including, the general
public, to change attitudes about issues considered important to their
causes. These groups occupy the extreme fringes of animal rights, pro-life,
environmental, anti-nuclear, and oher political and social movements."

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