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[OPIRG-EVENTS] EVENTS: Oct 12-15 Lift Sanctions against Iraq!

Sanctions against Iraq have triggered an humanitarian disaster of
catastrophic proportions. Over1.5 million Iraqi civilians already have
died. Oil-for-Food 'relief' has failed to reverse soaring mortality rates
in Iraq, estimated by UN agencies at over 8,000 deaths per month.
Justice, not retaliation for the people of Iraq
Here is info. on some important upcoming events in Ottawa, related to
ending the sanctions against Iraq:
(1) A talk: by Hans von Sponeck and Kathy Kelly, Friday October 12, 7 pm,
Marion Hall Auditorium, 140 Louis Pasteur, Ottawa University
(2) Conference: Saturday October 13, 145 Jean-Jacques Lussier ,University
of Ottawa, 1:00PM to 5:15PM
(3) Peace Rally for the People of Iraq: Parliament Hill, Monday, October
15, 12 noon
(4) Lobby your MP: October 15, 9AM-12PM

(1) A Talk by:  
* Hans von Sponeck, Former UN Humanitarian in Iraq, Coordinator who in Feb
2000 resigned in protest against sanctions policy on Iraq
* Kathy Kelly (Voices in the Wilderness)

DATE:         Friday October 12,
Time:         7 pm
PLACE:        Marion Hall Auditorium
              140 Louis Pasteur, Ottawa University


(2) Conference: 

DATE:     Saturday October 13
PLACE:    145 Jean-Jacques Lussier, University of Ottawa
TIME:      1:00PM to 5:15PM


For information, contact: marca@arobas.net tel: (514) 722-5538

(3) Peace Rally for the People of Iraq

PLACE:          Parliament Hill Monday 
DATE:          October 15 
TIME:          12 NOON

These events are sponsored by: Kairos (Canadian Ecumenical Justice
Initiatives), Physicians for Global Survival, National Council for Canada
Arab Relations, Voice of Women for Peace.

To highlight the suffering of Iraqi people for the past 11 years, and to
welcome the End Sanctions on Iraq Caravan to Ottawa

Rally starts…
12:00PM (NOON)

Rally starts on Parliament Hill in front of the Flame. Bring your banners,
and placards. 

We will be addressed by the following people:

Irene McInnes (on behalf of the Caravan for Peace), Hans Von Sponek, Svend
Robinson; M.P NDP, Colleen Beaumier; M.P Liberal, Roger Gallaway; M.P
Liberal, Felicity Arbuthnot, Marc Assad, Sarkis Assadourian, and others to
be confirmed.

1:15PM - 2:00PM
March and rally in front of U.S embassy on Sussex Drive.

2:00PM - 2:45PM
March and rally in front of the Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade (DFAIT) and then disperse.


3:00PM - 5:00PM


For those who can stay longer in Ottawa, we urge you to meet with your MP
if you had no time to visit in the morning.  We cannot stress enough how
important it is for them to hear your voice.  


(4) Lobby your MP:

October 15, 9AM-12PM

In our attempts at pressing the Government of Canada to end its support of
the economic sanctions on Iraq, it is of great importance that we lobby
Members of Parliament. We should discuss, educate, and press on our elected
representatives our views, and facts regarding the situation in Iraq.  If
you are planning to be in Ottawa, it is of the utmost importance to visit
your MP.

It is also incumbent on us to ensure that our dialogue with MP's is done in
the most professional, objective, and positive way. It is of great harm to
try to press our views in a non-productive manner. Members of Parliament
are responsible and accountable to their constituents. We may disagree with
a lot of what they do, or we may feel that they are not addressing our
concerns. However, it is their obligation, once enough concerned
constituents raise a particular issue with them, to respond and demand
action from the Cabinet.

Lobbying our MP's should be a fundamental part of our strategy. Our MP's
need us to tell them about our concerns. I urge you to bring these concerns
with you this Monday. A number of us will be doing so. Please make
arrangements with your MP's office ahead of time and tell them that you
would like to see them in Ottawa. 

We suggest the following:
1) Make arrangements ahead of time to meet with your MP.
2) Come prepared: have your information ready, and any material you want to
give them. The shorter the better. They have a lot to read, and in my
opinion anything more than one page is too much. Attached you will find a
one page talking points. Please print it and take it with you.
3) Be respectful of him/her.
4) Request that they bring your concerns to the Caucus meeting.
· Legally, if MP's receive 35 calls or signatures on a petition they have
to register it.  You can demand that they read it in the house.  It can be
done twice a week.
5) Request a follow up from their office, after you get back home.
6) If you do not have the contact information for your MP, or do not know
who your MP is, please check the following web site for information

                          Richard Sanders
       Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
 A network of individuals and NGOs across Canada and around the world
          541 McLeod St., Ottawa Ontario K1R 5R2  Canada
            Tel.:  613-231-3076      Fax: 613-231-2614
     Email: <ad207@ncf.ca>   Web site: <http://www.ncf.ca/coat>

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