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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Earthdance

Forward this event to all those who you think should
know about this upcoming event:

Earthdance -- Trance Yoga

Rama Lotus Yoga Centre
340 Gladstone Ave.

Oct. 13, 2001
seven to midnight

Tickets (door only):
10$ or donation


Earthdance is an annual 'ritual' for manifesting
global peace and healing. This year, by connecting
with over 100,000 people across the globe at the same
moment in time (12am GMT, 7pm in Ottawa) we will tap
into, and infuse, the collective consciousness through
prayer, dance, and drum.   Come share the experience
with many other Ottawa earthdancers.

You should also know that this is a charity event for
Bruce House  (http://www.brucehouse.org/).  Donate
through your presence, through money if possible, and
burn off some karma.

Be ready, as you'll enter hyperspatial reality, the
shaman's world.

Avenues of Hyperspace:
Prayer For Peace
Its just One moment, One vision, One planet.

Drums For Peace
Participate in a world wide drum circle for peace.  Oh
and bring your own instruments.

Trance Yoga
A yoga experiment that will unify your spirit, mind,
and body with the vibrations of reality, this is your
chance to feel the trance dance experience.

Mages of Goa (DJs):
Floating Om
A favorite amongst the Ottawa psytrance community, an
alchemyst of sound.  His magick will submerge you into
the fractal landscapes that he has created.

Neerav (Trance 5000, Montreal)
Travelling from Montreal, this rainbow warrior unites
the essences of nature and melds them into psychadelic
nature of hyperspace.  This shall be a real mind warp
of a sphonglefied nature.

Wizards of Nature (acoustic performances):
Hypnotic Drift (didgeridoo jam band)
A didgeridoo jam band allowing you to fully experience
the dreamtime with their 45 minute set.

Psychadelia has influenced this man to bring you a
symbiosis of ancient sounds of India (on his sitar)
and a mysterious technology.

Raga Saga
A unique sound never to be experienced before.  Much
is unknown about them.  No one truly knows what will
happen with this bunch.

This event is brought to you by The Psychedelic Yogi

    There will come a time when the Earth grows sick
    And when it does a Tribe will gather
    from all corners of the world
    who believe in deeds and not words
    They will work to heal it
    They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow

                                        Cree Indian

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