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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Tonight (Fri)! Talk: Iraq Sanctions, Kathy Kelly & Hans von Sponeck


A Talk TONIGHT by:  

* Hans von Sponeck, Former UN Humanitarian in Iraq, Coordinator. In
February 2000, Hans gave up his long career at the UN by resigning in
protest against sanctions policy on Iraq.

* Kathy Kelly, Voices in the Wilderness (VITW)  Kathy is a US citizen who
has defied the blockade of Iraq numerous times by delivering medicines and
humanitarian supplies to the people of Iraq.  For more information on

DATE:         Friday October 12,
Time:         7 pm
PLACE:        Marion Hall Auditorium
              140 Louis Pasteur, Ottawa University


"An embargo has advantages over armed conflict; no Americans need die, no
international furor over smart bombs incinerating people in shelters. Its
simple and cheap, a noose tightens and children and the aged and sick die
in great numbers. This must be countered. Voices in the Wilderness is doing
just that - cutting the noose."
Daniel Berrigan

About Voices in the Wilderness (VitW):

VitW leads a Campaign to End the Economic Sanctions Against the People of Iraq

In 1991, we opposed the Gulf War in a variety of non-violent ways. Some
lived on the border between the opposing armies before and during part of
the war; others traveled to Iraq immediately before and after the war.
Still others filled the streets of the U.S. to decry the war. Many of us
have witnessed the consequences of sanctions first hand and maintained
contact with NGO's that continually attempt to deliver relief supplies to
neediest groups and individuals in Iraq. 

In the tradition of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we advocate
nonviolence as a means for social change. We oppose the development,
storage and use - in any country - of any weapons of mass destruction, be
they nuclear, chemical, biological or economic. We advocate active
development of effective nonviolent methods of social struggle.

We are teachers, social workers, authors, health care professionals,
tradespeople, and church workers.

The U.N./U.S. policy is a form of silent yet deadly warfare. It is a crime
against humanity because it makes innocent civilians the main victims of a
siege enforced by military might.

Since March 1996, thirty-five delegations from our campaign have traveled
to hospitals and clinics in Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul, breaking the siege
imposed by the sanctions. Before each departure, we notify the U.S.
Attorney-General  of our action and invite their office to join us in
conscientious objection to laws which themselves violate international law
and basic human rights. U.S. authorities have warned us that the penalty
for violating the State Department law regarding travel to Iraq is ten
years in prison and possible fines.

We believe that all United States citizens are responsible for the
U.N./U.S. policy which holds the innocent children of Iraq as dying
hostages to the oil policy objectives of the U.S. government. We try every
nonviolent way we can think of to draw attention to this massive loss of life.

In solidarity with the Iraqi people, we will continue this campaign until
the sanctions against them are lifted.


Sanctions against Iraq have triggered an humanitarian disaster of
catastrophic proportions. Over1.5 million Iraqi civilians already have
died. Oil-for-Food 'relief' has failed to reverse soaring mortality rates
in Iraq, estimated by UN agencies at over 8,000 deaths per month.
Justice, not retaliation for the people of Iraq

For more information:  <http://www.canesi.org/>

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