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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Diffrences between mailling list

Hi Laura!

 Thanks for informing me of your health issues. I'll know it for next
time. You don't need to feel sorry. 

 opirg-events@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca: strictly and only announcement of events.
 ftaaott@yahoogroups.com: Things related to anti-globablization, not as strict

Good luck with everything,


Laura McDonald wrote:
> Hey Julien
> Ya know what, I get so confused by what list is for what. My memory is affected
> by my health, I just can't keep it straight. So sorry for that. I didn't intend
> to sound so disturbed, I'm a little concerned but he's young and not political
> at all so I no he's not too interested. Someone else suggested I go to Adbusters
> website, they had the Culture jam book there, so I think I'll buy it for him 4
> xmas. Whether he wants it or not. lol thanks for the suggestion.
> sorry I screw up, it's just health issues. i've asked people to get me stuff in
> the kitchen than asked them what they were doing in there. that's how bad it is
> at times. lol no memory, and confusion. blah! ttyl
> hey if you could e-mail me the difference between the 2 listserves, I could
> write a note and post it above the computer, maybe that would help. thanks.
> later man.
> Peace to All
> Laura McDonald
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