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[OPIRG-EVENTS] [ftaaott] Meeting: Oct 22-7PM to discuss G20, WB, IMF Meeting

I think Kerry inadvertently stripped the web site address 
(http://www.flora.org/ftaa ) off this announcement. The web site and 
the "ftaaott" mailing list are the news, discussion, and organising 
space for Global Democracy Ottawa, formerly the Ottawa Colaition 
against the FTAA.



Global Democracy Ottawa, the Ottawa Women's March Committee, the
National Action Committee on the Status of Women (Eastern Ontario)
and the Council of Canadians (National Office) are collectively
calling a meeting to discuss actions around the G-20, IMF and World
Bank meetings November 17th-18th in Ottawa.

Monday Oct.22
7.00 PM - get together
7.30 PM - meeting - (will begin on time)

CUPE - boardroom
20 James St., Ottawa (at Bank St.)
This space is fully accessible.

"Everyone is welcome, and women and women's
organizations are especially invited to join us."

More information - contact:

Mariam  Abou-Dib,
NAC Easter Ontario representative
(613) 560-4328

Nancy Peckford
Ottawa Women's March Committee
(613) 241-7570

Paul Smith
(613) 761-1724

David Robbins
Council of Canadians
(613) 233-4487 ext.249

(to be updated Oct. 18, 2001)

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