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[OPIRG-EVENTS] N17 - Spokescouncil - Sat. Oct. 27, 1PM

An Invitation from Global Democracy Ottawa

Planning Session
for the Upcoming
World Bank, IMF and G-20 Meetings
Ottawa Nov.17-18

First Spokescouncil
Saturday Oct.27

Saint Paul University
223 Main St., Ottawa
Room 103   (Wheel Chair Accessible)

Delegates from groups that plan on
protesting the World Bank/IMF/G-20 in Ottawa

(Please have your group select 2 representatives)

contact Marie Huot with information.
(613) 733-4086

Billeting Available

Observers Welcome

No Media Reporting

(more details and French translation to follow)

You can link up to the gdo/ftaa listserve from
the Global Democracy Ottawa site

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