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From: Anita Lahey <alahey@magma.ca>

WHAT: The event: "Give Me Your Answer Do!" a play by Brian Friel performed by the
      Tara Players. Proceeds go to ELTOC.
WHEN: Thursday November 8, 8pm
WHERE: St. Patrick's Hall, 280 Gloucester St.

Tickets: $10
Call 232-8566 for tickets, or purchase them at the door.

English Language Tutoring for the Ottawa Community (www.eltoc.ca) is holding
a fundraising event for its work bringing one-on-one English-as-a-second
language tutoring to newcomers with special needs in the Ottawa area. Many
of ELTOC's clients come from unstable and impoverished areas of the world.
Many are elderly, disabled, or mothers home with young children (and
therefore unable to get out to attend regular English classes). As these
people try to rebuild their lives, ELTOC's volunteer tutors help not just by
teaching "survival" English, but also by offering a vital community
connection to those newcomers most at risk of isolation.

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