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[OPIRG-EVENTS] wed. nov. 7, 4-6pm: youth challenge international slide show

Youth Challenge International is a non-profit, international, youth
organization.  Our mission is to foster youth and global development by
involving international teams of youth in community development

We are currently accepting applications for our projects next year in
Nicaragua, Guyana, Costa Rica, and Vanuatu (pronounced "van-WAH-too") 
in the South Pacific.

Looking for a challenge? If you are aged 18 to 30, adventurous and
motivated, then join an international team and travel to remote regions
of Nicaragua, Vanuatu, Costa Rica and Guyana.  Work overseas for five to
ten weeks, with local people, on powerful community-based projects. 
Does community development, adventure, travel, culture and leadership
sound exciting?  Want to learn more about Youth Challenge International?
Come to a slide show presentation by a recent participant and hear
personal stories from the field:  

Wednesday, November 7th @ 4-6pm 
122 Renfrew House, Carleton University, Ottawa.
(take OC Transpo buses #4, #7, #117, or the O-Train)

For more info, call (416) 504-3370 or email yci@web.ca.  You can
also contact Mike at OPIRG-Carleton: 613-520-2757 or opirg@carleton.ca.
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