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[OPIRG-EVENTS] streetmedic training (reply ASAP)

Hello everyone,

The Activist Health Collective of Ottawa (AHCO) is organizing 24 hours of 
street medic training sessions.  On Friday the 9th, in the evening, will be 
the first 4 hours. Saturday will have 10 hours, as will Sunday. The trainer 
is a medical doctor from the United States, who has much experience as a 
street medic and clinician. There will also be other trainers to assist.  We 
need to get an idea of the numbers of people that will come before we make 
the training definite. If there are not enough people, the training won't 

If you are interested in recieving this training, then please reply ASAP (as 
in today, tonight, or tomorrow morning) to ahco@redmaplegrove.org.  We don't 
yet know what the cost of this training will be, but will likely be 

It needs to be remembered that these sessions are a set, and cannot be taken 
individually. If a person wants to be trained then they must commit to all 
of the sessions. Also, no previous experience is necessary.

For people coming from out of town for this training, we can look into 

If you have any questions, contact ahco@redmaplegrove.


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