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>>Francisco Ramirez, president of the Mining Workers Union of Colombia, 
>>Francisco Ramirez will speak to the relationship between mining activity 
>>and paramilitary voilence in Colombia. He will also address how the 
>>Canadian government and Canadian multinational mining companies 
>>contribute to this violent process.
>>253 ECHO DRIVE (Near the canal and Pretoria Bridge)
>>THURSDAY, NOV.1, 2001
>>Francisco Ramirez, president of Colombia's mining workers union 
>>(SINTRAMINERCOL) has arrived in Ottawa today, October 31 to give 
>>testimony in a Parliamentary Sub Committee on Human Rights. 
>>SINTRAMINERCOL is one of the few obstacles between multinational mining 
>>companies entering into Southern Bolivar in Colombia where paramilitaries 
>>have been leading a campaign of massacres and blockades over the past 
>>year. His work has meant several attempts on his life.
>>The Canadian government, through CIDA, supported the re-drafting of 
>>Colombia's mining legistlation, making it easier for concessions to be 
>>handed over to mining multinationals and much more difficult for 
>>peasants, indigenous and Afrocolombian people to gain legal title over 
>>the same territories. Canadian mining multinationals, such as Corona 
>>Goldfields, have had their sights put on SOuthern Bolivar for some time 
>>and have a great deal to gain from the new mining code.
>>Francisco will speak to the relationship between Canadian investment - 
>>specifically Corona  Goldfields, a Canadian multinational - in oil and 
>>mining and human rights violations of local communities, specifically, in 
>>Southern Bolivar and Colombia

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