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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Leamy Lake event - Saturday, Nov 10

Special invitation to all the citizens of the Outaouais:

Join us in a march to save Leamy Lake Park
Simulation of a funeral

Saturday, 10 November 2001 at 10h30, everyone, tall and small, families,
parents and friends are invited to participate in this important
peaceful march with ourFranco-American friend, Zachary Richard. For this
event of approximately 90 minutes, we request that you wear black to
show support for the park. We also invite you to bring for the return
trip, flutes, horns, tam-tam, etc.

Meeting place: Leamy Lake parking lot in Hull, near Reno Depot entrance
Your participation in this march is crucial
Do it for YOU, your CHILDREN and for our PARK!
For + info: 772-4925

If you can help, read on:

Les gens qui organisent la marche du 10 novembre ont besoin de vous.

1. Jacques Brousseau aurait besoin de quelques personnes pour assurer la
sécurité samedi le 10, durant la marche.

2. Claire Charron aurait besoin de gens (en pairs) prêts à faire les
"personnes sandwich" aux heures de pointe, la semaine prochaine, le long
des grands artères. Le but est d'annoncer la marche.

Pour confirmation c'est le 772-4925.
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