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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Lac Leamy protest

WHAT: walk in Leamy Lake Ecological Park
WHEN: Saturday November 10, 11am to 1pm.
WHERE: Leamy Lake
WHO: Claire Charron: 994-4581, Jacques Rousseau: 772-2764
WWW: www.sosleamy.ca

Press release

Come walk with Zachary Richard to save the Leamy Lake Ecological Park,
Saturday, November 10, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Hull, Nov.2, 2001- On Saturday, November 10, everyone is invited to join a
peaceful walk to save the Leamy Lake Ecological Park from the casino's golf
course project. The French-speaking American songwriter and singer Zachary
Richard will also be present to show his support.

Get in on the act

All citizens (children, teenagers, parents, seniors and friends) are invited
to dress in black because we will simulate a funeral procession and we will
attend "public hearings" organized by Mr. Casino. Since we want to make a
lot of noise to stress the importance of the event, all cooking pans, baby
rattles, bells, flutes, drums, etc. are welcome.


We will gather at 10:30, at the Leamy Lake Park parking lot; you can get
there from the entrance to Réno-Dépôt, at the corner of Leamy Lake Rd. and
De la Carrière Boulevard in Hull.

At 11:00, when Zachary joins us, the procession will take De la Carrière
Boulevard to the left and follow the sidewalk to the bus stop near the
casino. The site will be identified by a banner  with the words S.O.S.
LEAMY! The "hearings" will start around 11:20.

After exchanging some words with Mr Casino and his subjects (the NCC and its
accomplices of the federal and Quebec government) and a few short speeches,
the procession will go back to the Leamy Lake Park parking lot around 12:30.

This walk has several objectives

- Show the authorities that the citizens oppose this project which will have
negative social and environmental impacts as well as being detrimental to
our heritage and our health.
- Denounce the contemptuous attitude of the decision-makers at the three
government levels since the beginning of this issue.
- Maintain the integrity of the ecological park and keep it entirely
accessible to the public.
- Inform the next mayor of the new city that the citizens will remain
present and active in this issue.

For more information about the demonstration

Claire Charron: 994-4581, Jacques Rousseau: 772-2764

For additional information: Visit the Web site of the Coalition for the
Preservation of Leamy Lake Park at: www.sosleamy.ca    and

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