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The Ottawa Public Library, in collaboration with SGI (Soka Gakkai 
International) Canada is hosting the speaker series, “Challenges for 
Humanity”. (SGI is a society for the creation of value through culture and 
education, based on Buddhist philosophy). The series is being held each 
Tuesday during the month of November (and one in December) over the lunch 
hour (12:00-1:00) in the auditorium of the Ottawa Public Library, located 
at 120 Metcalfe Street.
For more information, read the descriptions below or see 

(Ce courriel est également disponible en français. Pour obtenir une copie 
en français addressez-vous á: ottawa@sgicanada.org.)

November 6 ­ FLORA MACDONALD: (Democracy and Development)
The Honourable Flora MacDonald is just back from a trip to India and 
Pakistan as part of her work with humanitarian agencies. Ms MacDonald will 
discuss what Canada can do to promote democracy and development in South 
Asia. Ms MacDonald is a former Member of Parliament, who is currently 
involved with numerous organizations devoted to education and international 
development. For further information on Ms MacDonald see: 

November 13 ­ HUGUETTE LABELLE: (To be Young in Today’s World)
Currently involved in the Global Youth Employment Summit, Huguette Labelle 
will be talking about the critical importance of finding opportunities for 
young people around the world to fulfil their potential in order to foster 
lasting development and peace. Chancellor of the University of Ottawa, Dr 
Labelle has previously headed many government departments including the 
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
For further information on youth and development see: 
For Further information on Dr Labelle see: 

November 20 ­ DOUGLAS CARDINAL (Dialogue with Nature)
The world renowned architect of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, 
Douglas Cardinal believes in creating structures that are people-centred — 
buildings that are not only beautiful works of art, but that also fully 
reflect the needs of those who use them. Dr Cardinal, who currently lives 
and works in Ottawa, has designed award-winning public and private building 
throughout the Americas. For further information on Dr Cardinal see: 

November 27 — WILLIAM COMMANDA (A Culture of Peace)
William Commanda is the most senior Elder of the Algonquin Nation and the 
Keeper of three significant Wampum Belts. He has devoted his life to 
promoting harmony, justice and respect for the earth. Elder Commanda will 
be talking about bridging cultures to share a vision that connects people 
to their environment. For further information on Elder Commanda see: 

December 4 ­ BRUCE FIRESTONE (Community and Harmony)
When it comes to urban planning and development, Bruce Firestone believes 
in fostering a vision of communities --- not of simply building monolithic 
suburbs. The founder of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, Dr Firestone is an 
entrepreneur who has been personally involved in numerous development 
ventures in Ottawa and beyond. Presently the Chair of Hickling Capital 
Corporation and Manchester Development Corporation, Dr Firestone is also an 
Adjunct Research Professor and Sessional Lecturer at Carleton University. 
For further information on Dr Firestone see: 

The speakers series is being held in support of “Dialogue with Nature”, an 
exhibit of photographs and poems by Daisaku Ikeda being held from November 
28 to December 14 at Sussex Pavilion 111 Sussex Drive. Daisaku Ikeda is the 
president of Soka Gakkai International (Society for the Creation of Value 
through culture and education, based on Buddhist philosophy). SGI 
International is a culturally diverse Buddhist organization in 177 
countries and regions whose community-based activities encourage a 
commitment to the values of peace, cultural and educational exchange.
On his journeys for peace around the world, Mr Ikeda has traveled to more 
than 50 countries and conducted dialogues with many world figures, 
including former Soviet Union President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, former South 
African President and Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela, Nobel 
Prize-winning chemist and peace activist Dr. Linus Pauling and former 
United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali.
Throughout his travels, which have earned him the United Nations Peace 
Award, Mr Ikeda has been a prolific photographer. “Dialogue with Nature” is 
an exhibit of photographs taken on Mr Ikeda’s journeys for peace. The 
exhibit has been shown in more than 40 cities in Europe, South America, 
Asia and North America.
SGI Canada is the Canadian member organisation of SGI. There are SGI Canada 
centres in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, 
Montreal and Quebec City.
For more information on SGI Canada see:

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