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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Nov 22: Potluck/Speakers on War against Afghanistan


The Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) 
is having a potluck dinner to be followed by 
a discussion session with three speakers.

Please join us!

Thursday, November 22 
173 First Avenue, corner of Bank St. 
Giles Presbyterian church (basement)

6:15 pm  (approximate)       
    Please join us for a potluck meal 
    (bring some food of your choice!)

7:30 pm 
     "Afghanistan, and why it is being bombed."   
     Our three speakers from the region, are 
     intimately familiar with its history and 
     politics.  They will make brief presentations 
     and then join us in a discussion.

>  Tariq Ahsan
>  Susan Wardak
>  Omar Zakhilwal*

Their personal, direct experiences will help us to understand and
appreciate the background and geopolitical significance of this troubled
region of our world.  

More about the speakers:

Tariq Ahsan:
Tariq will speak on the impact of the U.S. attack on Afghanistan on the
struggles for democracy and human rights in Pakistan.  Tariq worked as a
journalist in Pakistan and taught at the Quaid-e-Azam University in
Islamabad.  He observed the interaction between the liberals, the left and
the Islamists in Pakistan, during the movement for democracy in the 1980s.
In early 1984, he spent some time in prison with veterans of the
Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Pakistan, the Party that has acquired the reputation of
being the "ideological mentor" of the Taleban.  He is presently working on
a research project that brings a citizenship rights approach to the
analysis of the India-Pakistan conflict.

Susan Wardak
Susan was born and raised in Afghanistan.  She lost most of her childhood
as a result of the war.  She left Afghanistan in 1990 and came to Canada.
She is now studying Political Science at Carleton University and also works
with Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University on a project dealing
with Media and Peace Education in Afghanistan.

Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, PhD
Dr. Zakhilwal is a Senior Research Economist with Statistics Canada.  He
also teaches economics at Carleton University.  Omar is a founding member
of the Institute for Afghan Studies and is on its managing board.  This
Institute is a non-profit and non-political, independent research
organization run by young Afghan scholars around the world.  Omar writes on
different aspects of the Afghan political and economic situation for
numerous media outlets and the Institute for Afghan Studies.  
(* If Omar is unable to attend, he will find another speaker to take his

For more information, please contact Nick Aplin, 722-1262

Richard Sanders, Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
(A network of individuals and NGOs across Canada and around the world)   

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