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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Nov. 29 UN Day of Solidarity with Palestinians

"Human Rights and International Norms: 53 Years of Palestinian Refugees"
Cepal's 5th Annual Observation of the United Nations Day of Solidarity with 
Palestinians. An evening of discussion and culture, featuring keynote 
speaker Professor Michael Lynk.

Thursday, November 29th, 2001
7:00 pm
Room 200, West Block, Parliament Hill

A reception, featuring Arabic finger foods, will follow the event.

Admission is free (Donations accepted)

Space is limited. To reserve your seat contact: events@cepal.ca or call 

Professor Lynk will talk about the leading crisis issues -- refugees, 
settlements, popular resistance, state, human rights, borders, Jerusalem -- 
in international law terms.  His analysis will focus on explaining the 
importance of settling international conflicts peacefully through the rule 
of law, and how these crisis issues can be fairly and comprehensively 
resolved through the available principles of international law.

Cepal Summer 2001 Program volunteers will share their experience of living 
and teaching in the refugee camps.

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is observed 
by the United Nations each year in accordance with mandates given by the 
General Assembly in resolutions 32/40B of 2 December 1997 and 34/35D of 12 
December 1979.  The official day of solidarity is November 29th.  This date 
was chosen because of its significance to the Palestinian people.  On that 
date in 1947 the General Assembly adopted resolution 181 (II), which came to 
be known as the Partition Resolution and provided the establishment of a 
Jewish State and Arab State in Palestine, with a special international 
regime for Jerusalem.  Of the two states intended by this resolution, only 
one, Israel, has come into being.   According to Amnesty International, 
Palestinians continue to account for the largest refugee population 
currently dispersed throughout the world.

This event is presented by CEPAL  the Canadian-Palestinian Educational 
Exchange.  Co-sponsors include: Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East, Svend 
Robinson, MP Burnaby-Douglas, Alternatives, MAP (Medical Aid Palestine), 
SPHR, Canaanite Canadian Knowledge Centre, APAC.

Contact:  Madalena Santos, Communications Assistant, Tel: (613) 237-0279

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