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[OPIRG-EVENTS] URGENT: Request for Offers of Billeting of Out-Of-Town Activists

please distribute widely!!!

strength and solidarity,
RE:  Request for Billeting of Out-Of-Town Activists
(Evening/Nights of November 14-18)

If "You Can House":

General Info About Housing:

Email - housing_N17@flora.ca
Fax - (613) 236-6654
Voicemail - (613) 237-0730

Attention Ottawa pro-democracy activists and supporters:

Our strenuous local effort to find housing for out-of-town folks needs
your support!  We need people like you who are able to provide billeting
for out-of-towners. If you have floor space, you can provide a billet!
You set the departure and arrival dates and times for use of your space
- whatever flexibility you can set beyond that is appreciated.  We are
looking to make billeting available for the evenings/nights of November
14-18, with an emphasis on the November 17th and 18th dates, as well for
some offers of billets for events and meetings prior to November 14.
(Many meetings, actions and events are planned in Ottawa from November
14-18th.)  This is a great opportunity to meet activists from outside of
Ottawa, and for us to continue to build our movement.

There is an urgent need for people to open up their homes to as many as
possible of the thousands of people who will be coming to Ottawa to
protest the environmentally and socially devastating consequences of the
inequitable economic activities of the World Bank, IMF and G20. Your
participation in this is essential for successful actions that let our
governments -- and the G-20, IMF, and World Bank decision-makers -- know
that we will continue mobilizing until we end their war, whether pursued
through bombing campaigns or structural adjustment programs.  Many
people are beginning to understand that we need to so if we are ever to
achieve true global security.

The housing committee has attempted to secure mass arrangements for
these activists but has been met with barrier upon barrier put up by the
city of Ottawa and "the higher-ups". For some of us, this is reminiscent
of similar harassment experienced in organizing for Quebec City last
April.  We will do what we can to secure public space, but if you (or
somebody you know) can provide floor space for one, two or even three
nights (whatever you can manage), please get involved.

If you have any security concerns (which are virtually unwarranted, as
the vast majority of these people are peaceful protesters and those who
are not do not generally request housing), you can put your mind at rest
by requesting prior contact with any potential guest.  The database is
maintained off-line and is secure.  Only a small number of people will
have access to any of this information:  our database manager, your
potential billet (if you check "my billet can contact me" on the form -
your potential billet will receive only your email and phone number),
and a volunteer at the welcome centre and/or other arrival point (who
will have your address, zone, and phone number).  The housing committee
will do whatever we can to meet any additional requirements that you may
have. Please indicate what these are in your offer of billeting.

If you have space that you are able and willing to make available,
please provide us your information as soon as possible.

Please submit your offer online if you have web access:

For offers, the URL is:


If you cannot do so, you can register by fax at (613) 236-6654, or
register your information by voicemail at (613) 237-0730.  You can also
leave a message for a housing volunteer to call you back at this number
to address your questions and concerns.  If you are registering by fax
or by voicemail, please print and reply using the form attached below.

We plan on doing most of the matching up of billets up on November 11th
and informing people immediately by email and shortly afterward by
phone. We will keep you posted on the likelihood of everyone having a
space as we gain a better picture of what spaces are available.

Please circulate this to your co-workers and networks!

Ottawa "G20/World Bank/IMF" Housing Committee

* * *

"G20/World Bank/IMF" Billeting

phone: (613) 237-0730
email:   housing_n17@flora.org


This offer is:                   New       Change      Cancel

First Name:

Last Name:

Gender:                         Male        Female

Do you speak:               French     Spanish     Other:



Contact Phone:


Sandy Hill/Lowertown/Market   [ ]
Downtown/Centretown/Somerset Heights/Lebreton Flats   [ ]
Glebe/Old Ottawa South   [ ]
Ottawa East (of Rideau River)   [ ]
Ottawa West (of Preston)   [ ]
Ottawa South (of Rideau River)   [ ]
Hull   [ ]
Aylmer   [ ]
Gatineau   [ ]
Other:  [                               ]

I can billet: ____  people

I can billet on:
Before Nov. 14   [ ]
Nov. 14   [ ]
Nov. 15   [ ]
Nov. 16   [ ]
Nov. 17   [ ]
Nov. 18   [ ]

Check all that apply:

I have a bed for billets  [ ]               How many:
My house is smoke-free  [ ]
I can accomodate smokers  [ ]
I can provide food for my billets  [ ]
I can accommodate children  [ ]      How many?
I have a pet (what kind):   [                          ]
I have access to a vehicle  [ ]
I have parking  [ ]
I have a shower  [ ]
I require billets of the same gender  [ ]
My home is accessible to disabled people  [ ]

My billet can contact me  [ ]
I will contact my billet  [ ]

Other issues:

(613) 236-6654

P L E A S E    C O P Y    A N D    D I S T R I B U T E    W I D E L Y

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